12 Best Reasons To Install Our Energy System

ValleySolarExpert.com, powered by Jim Tyler Construction, installs top notch, affordable solar electric systems that are custom designed for you and your building. Contact us with a simple form to talk to our team and get the ball rolling for your savings.

12 Money Saving Reasons to Install a ValleySolarExpert.com Solar System at Your Home or Business


In this article, let’s look into  reasons listed in the table on our home page for using ValleySolarExpert.com for your solar needs. Why? Sso that you can make the best decision about how to start saving green while being green!

Solar Electricity is one of the most exciting ways for a homeowner or building owner to save money and be green to come along in a long time!

Let’s look at the reasons!

  1. Zero Money Down to Get Started

    Qualified buyers are able to start the installation with no money down and 100% financing.With no money out of pocket to install solar, there is no better time than today, to get started.

  2. Best Financing Method: Home Improvement Loan

    With panel prices dropping, we offer you a way to own your own electricity, instead of leasing it from someone else. Let your electric system be an asset to your home or building, instead of The Other Guy’s liability with a complicated lease that never ends.

  3. Loan Payments End So Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses Are Fixed

    Buying your system means that your simple loan payments are always known in advance, and they will end on a fixed date. With The Other Guy’s complicated and never-ending lease, there is no way to enjoy the full value of the electricity you generate.

  4. Utility Savings Start Right Away

    Once your ValleySolarExpert.com system is installed and generating electricity, you start saving money right away towards your utility payments. When the sun is out, your house runs on the electricity you generate, and if you generate more than you are using, you will get a credit for feeding the extra back into the grid. With The Other Guy’s leased system, you pay a pre-negotiated price for the electricity you generate and they receive the credit for any excess fed back into the grid.

  5. Solar Capacity Meets YOUR Needs

    With our systems, we work with you to study your usage patterns to provide the generating capacity that will best meet your electricity needs. With The Other Guy’s leased system, the needs of their investors for Return on Investment come first, before your needs.

  6. YOUR Finance Goals Matter


    Just as ValleySolarExpert.com will  work with you to make sure you have the best generating capacity, we also work with you to make sure your financial goals of minimizing utility payments are met. The Other Guy is looking to the financial needs of their investors first.

  7. Tax Credits Go To You


    California and Federal Tax credits are available for solar installations. When you install your own system from ValleySolarExpert.com, the tax credits are yours to keep. When you lease a system from The Other Guys, they keep the tax credits for their investors.

  8. House Sale Not Complicated By Solar Lease


    If and when you sell your house, owning your own solar system makes it easy to sell because the asset is yours as an ordinary Home Improvement. With the leases from The Other Guys, you may have complications in qualifying a home buyer to take over the system. Who needs roadblocks like that bringing down the value of your house when it comes time to sell?

  9. Backwards Meter Credit Goes To You


    Once your system is operating, any excess electricity generated that is not used is fed back into the grid and your meter will actually run backwards, earning you credits from your utility. With a ValleySolarExpert.com solar system, your credits are yours to keep. With a system from The Other Guys, they will keep the credits for themselves and their investors.

  10. No Cost Increase For Electricity You Generate Ever


    With your ValleySolarExpert.com solar system, because you own the electricity, there is never any extra cost to you for electricity. The Other Guys’ complicated lease will increase the rate you pay for the electricity from the system every year without end.

  11. Local Company Is Part Of Your Community

    ValleySolarExpert.com is the solar installation arm of longtime Tulare County construction company Jim Tyler Construction. Jim Tyler is well known for quality construction at a fair price. Focusing on solar allows him to give back to his community in a way that he loves: constructing green systems that help everyone save money.

  12. 25 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

    ValleySolarExpert.com solar systems come with a 25 year warranty for peace of mind, and includes a free year of solar panel cleaning.  The Other Guys may not be so interested in your piece of mind, because they are not based right here in the community.

ValleySolarExpert.com, powered by Jim Tyler Construction, installs top notch, affordable solar electric systems that are custom designed for you and your building. Contact us with a simple form to talk to our team and get the ball rolling for your savings.