Easy Solar Power with a Home Improvement Loan

facebook-ad-01-06A Simple Home Improvement Loan Gets Easy Solar Power for Your House

In article #5, you learned why buying local is the best way to install solar power for your home or business. Now, it is time for me to discuss why a home improvement loan is the best way to finance your system and then for  you to contact us to get a free estimate on the savings your new solar system will generate with all the electricity.

One thing nobody wants when it comes to money is surprises. Especially when it comes to payments to others. Winning the lottery is a pleasant surprise. But unexpected, large bills, are not so welcome, right? Valley  Solar Expert wants our customers to never have unpleasant surprises when it comes to bills.

That is why we offer home improvement loans instead of leases. Home improvement loans require a fixed payment every month, and they stop when the loan is paid off. Leases never really end. As we discussed in an earlier article, with leased solar electricity systems, you also pay for the electricity that you generate, even when you don’t use it and it goes back into the grid. So the most sunny months can lead to the highest bills with leases, and the limit is dependent on the maximum capacity of your system.

But with a loan, you get credits on the most sunny days and months, and your overall expenses go down. Your loan payment is fixed, but your utility bill will go down the most at the sunniest periods. This is how you would expect.  Even on months with little sun in mid-winter, your loan payment is still the same, and you don’t pay anything for the electricity you generate and use. So, your out of pocket expenses are both predictable and capped when you finance your solar with a loan.

Let’s review tax credits when comparing loan vs. lease options. When you finance with a loan, the tax credits and incentives from California and Federal stay with you and can reduce your own tax obligation. Who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t like that?

If you get a lease, then the credits will go to the solar company and their investors. We care about you, so we don’t see the point in your tax credits being assigned to someone else. We know you already pay enough in taxes, too much, right? So home improvement loan is the way to go.

Maybe you are wondering, can I get a loan in these hard times? I can’t answer you from here on a web page, but it is easier than you might think. Some people might be able to get a loan against home equity. Maybe you will even qualify for a zero-down payment loan, and the construction can begin with no money at all out of your pocket –  your payments won’t even start until your easy solar power system is generating savings already for you. Regardless of your financial situation, we will do what we can to find you the best loan for you.

These reasons and more are why a home improvement loan provided by Valley Solar Expert is  the best choice .  So contact us by our simple web form, or call Aaron at 559-789-1377. Tell Aaron you saw this web site because the more you make him smile, the more he can help you smile with lower electricity costs at your home or business! Own your solar power and your  days of paying too much for electric are over!