No Money Down Solar Generating Systems


Valley Solar Expert - No Money DownNo one wants to spend more than that have to. Not me. And I am sure not you. So let me share with you a way to start saving today on your electric bill.

Let me tell you a short story: I live in Tulare County. And like you, my electric rates have been going steadily higher for years. It’s crazy, right?

Well, I also noticed that it is sunny a lot! It hardly ever rains here, even when there is not a drought. That’s why the farming is so good around here!

So one day, I put two and two together when I found out that the sun can generate electricity with panels that go on top of a house or wherever is convenient. They can generate a lot of electricity, and then whatever is in the house uses that electricity instead of from the power company whenever the sun is out.

That means whenever it is sunny, you will use less electricity that you are pay the electric company for. If it is really sunny, and you have enough panels to generate more electricity than you are using at that moment,. the extra goes backwards to the electric company, and when that happens, your meter will actually run backwards. You get a credit on your bill for that backwards meter! While you are at work during the day, maybe your electric bill is actually shrinking!

Now, there are lots of confusing ways to install the system that will do this for you. At Valley Solar Expert, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to start saving.

Lots of companies will offer you a system that comes with a lease. In other posts on this website, I am going to talk in detail about problems with leases, but for now, just know that the 50 page contract you will have to sign is that long for a reason – it is complicated legalese that will all be terms that are against your interests. You will pay more, you won’t get tax credits, your house can be harder to sell, it just goes on.

But a No Money Down solar system from Valley Solar Expert is much simpler to buy that all that: A home improvement loan is all you need to get started, and we will help you with that. If you are well qualified enough, you can even get a No Money Down loan. This means two things about out of pocket expenses:

One, there aren’t any out of pocket expenses, as you can finance the entire system 100%. Everyone likes a No Money Down way to start saving.

And two, your price you pay for your system is exactly the same every month, until the time your loan is paid off. Then, there are no more payments.

Oh, did I mention if you install a leased system, your payments never end! No one wants that sort of pain! The whole point is to make your payments go down, not to make them go to someone else instead!

Once your home improvement loan is approved, we get started installing, and then it can take only a few days to get your electric savings started.

So what are you waiting for? You are tired of paying too much to the electric company, right? So contact us by our simple web form, or call Aaron at 559-789-1377. Tell Aaron you saw this web site because the more you make him smile, the more he can help you smile with lower electricity costs at your home or business! Your  days of paying too much for electric are over!