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Numbers Never Lie! Solar Energy Saves You Money

You can afford solar power and Valley Solar Expert can save you money right now on your electric bill.

How? Recently, prices of solar panels have dropped drastically, making home installation a cost effective option for the average homeowner for the first time.

We offer No Money Down loans, so contact us today or call Aaron at 559-789-1377. Every day you wait is money you spend on electricity you will never get back!

Advantages of a Valley Solar Expert Solar System for Your House or Building

Valley Solar ExpertOther Guys
Zero Downgreen-01Yesred-16Maybe
Best Financing Methodgreen-01Loan:Home Improvementred-16Complicated Lease Terms
Payments Endgreen-01At End of Loanred-16Maybe Not
Savings Startgreen-01Right Awayred-16Maybe Never
Solar Project Capacity Goalsgreen-01Enjoyment of Your Homered-16Needs of Investors First
Project Finance Goalsgreen-01Limit Your Energy Costsred-16Needs of Investors First
Tax Creditgreen-01Goes to Youred-16Not to You
House Salegreen-01No Issuesred-16Lease Issues
Warrantygreen-0125 Yearsred-16Varies
Backwards Meter Creditgreen-01Your Electric, Your Creditred-16Credit Goes to Investors
Cost Increase For Electricgreen-01Zero! Own Your Solarred-16Increases Every Year
Local Companygreen-01Yesred-16No

How Much Solar Do I Need?

Every house and building is different. From Valley Solar Expert’s point of view, the most important factors are your enjoyment of you house.

It is important that when you install solar that you have enough to meet your electricity requirements now and in the future. It is also important to match your financial needs now and in the future.

We look at your electric bills for the entire previous 12 months to understand your usage patterns and expenses. We will consider the amount of sun each year, the space and location available for panels, and design a system that will reduce or even eliminate your electric bills over the course of a year.

Contact Us or call Aaron at 559-789-1377 today and we will help you get the most from your house

How Does Solar Affect My Billing?

Once installed on your roof or on your ground, the solar panels generate electricity when it is light out. The more sun, the more electricity.

While the panels are generating electricity, your electric devices will use that electricity first.

If there is enough electricity from solar to meet your needs at any time, then you will not use any electric from the utility during that period.

During the long sunny days of Tulare County’s climate, your solar panels may generate more electricity than you can use at that time. When that happens, your surplus electricity is sent TO the utility and you get a credit on your bill for it. This is the “Backward Meter Credit” that you get to keep with a Valley Solar System. Other Solar companies will take that credit for themselves.

Over the course of a year, your bills from nighttime, short days and overcast days will be very close to canceled out by the credits you will receive.

When your installation loan is paid off, your net electric costs after that will be very close to zero forever.

Contact Us or call Aaron at 559-789-1377  today to learn what your energy expenses can be in the future.

Where Does Valley Solar Expert Install?

We serve all of Tulare County, including the incorporated cities and the unincorporated county areas.

Do You Do Residential, Business, or Ag?

We are ready to do all 3! Contact us or call Aaron at 559-789-1377 for a free quote for your home, business, or farm solar system.

I Am Ready for a Free Estimate!

We are ready to help! Contact us  or call Aaron at 559-789-1377. Tell Aaron you saw this web site because the more you make him smile, the more he can help you smile with lower electricity costs at your home or business! Own your solar power and your  days of paying too much for electric are over!