Save Right Away With Solar Electricity

Save Right Away with a Valley Solar Expert solar energy systemYour  days of paying too much for electric are over! Here is how you can save right away with a Valley Solar Expert solar energy system.

In my previous article, I explained all the reasons a No Money Down Home Improvement Loan from Valley Solar Expert is the best way to finance a solar electric system for your home or business.

Now, let’s look at how you can save right away in Tulare County as soon as your system is installed. Once your loan is qualified, work starts in earnest on designing and building your system

More details on how we work together with you to decide the right amount of solar will be in another article. But for now,  the important thing is that we want to install the amount of solar capacity that meets your needs based on your bills across the entire year, not just in a peak month or the lowest month. It is your savings we have in mind always!

Whether your system is mounted on a roof, or on ground standards, it will be connected to your house and to your meter. When it is ready to turn on, the sunlight will start electricity flowing immediately. Whatever is running in your house at that time will use that electricity first, instead of the electricity from your utility. When that electricity is flowing from your very own solar panels, you will not be getting charged by the electric company.

But wait! It get’s better! There is another way you save right away!

If you are generating more electricity than you are using at that moment, something amazing happens for you: The extra electricity flows backwards into the grid. And the magic part is that when it flows backwards through your meter, your meter will go backwards too! That means you get a credit on your electric bill that can be applied to the cost of electricity you use when the sun is not out, at night for example.

So, when your house is quiet and not using much electricity during the day when everyone is at work or school, and the sun is out all day, you are saving money for yourself just because you have a solar system.

All this saving money starts from the very first moment the system is turned on. That is why we say you start saving money right away with your very own  Valley Solar Expert solar energy system for your home or business!

Sounds amazing huh? So what are you waiting for? You are tired of paying too much to the electric company, right? So contact us by our simple web form, or call Aaron at 559-789-1377. Tell Aaron you saw this web site because the more you make him smile, the more he can help you smile with lower electricity costs at your home or business! Your  days of paying too much for electric are over!