Your Tax Credits Stay With You

Whose tax credit? Your tax credit!When you own your Valley Solar Expert solar energy system, your tax credit –  California and Federal –  are yours to keep.

We all pay more taxes than we want to. That’s a fact of life. In our previous article, I explained how you save right away with a Valley Solar Expert solar energy system. Now, let’s discuss about how available tax credits provide you another way to save – but only if you own your own system instead of leasing it from “The Other Guys”.

Leased systems installers, let’s call them “The Other Guys” will  keep your tax credit for themselves. That is going to be buried in the fine print of the 50 page non-negotiable lease you will have to sign. 50 pages is a lot of space for fine print, all of which benefits them and their investors. We will talk more about it in future articles, but for now know this: California and Federal tax credit, YOUR tax credit, is only yours if you own your own system.

Everybody’s situation is different regarding taxes. It is up to you to understand how to apply your tax credit. We can give you the basic idea, but most important is that the tax credit that come from installing a solar energy system will be your tax credit to save you money with a Valley Solar Expert system.

So what are you waiting for? You are tired of paying too much in taxes, right ? So contact us by our simple web form, or call Aaron at 559-789-1377. Tell Aaron you saw this web site because the more you make him smile, the more he can help you smile with lower electricity costs at your home or business! Your  days of paying too much for electric are over!